About Hanno

hanno de swartI am a qualified architect and fashion designer with a great passion for interior architecture and design in general. For me, the fusion of the two disciplines of architecture and fashion leads to innovative design solutions that not only challenge conventional thinking but also provides an alternative approach. I often refer to myself as an aesthetic ‘terrorist’, determined to win the ongoing war to create a more beautiful world through sound design principles. I find my peace in functional yet innovative design by ensuring correct scale, volume and proportions through specifying appropriate materials, demanding sound construction methods and applying heavenly details. ‘God is in the details’ after all.

I find the progression from architecture to fashion to now, interior architecture and design, a natural one. As in fashion, architecture and interiors are all about creating the most suitable silhouette, tailor-made to the client’s brief and in harmony with the site and its context. These disciplines all entertain through, and thrive on, the lovely layers of pattern, structure, texture and detail.  As your appointed professional I aim to meet your brief on all levels and ensure a product with the most comfortable yet timeless fit.

Hanno - Onnah Design

Hanno de Swardt
ND Fashion( CPUT)

How We Work

Once a brief has been established by the client, I start with conceptual design and do the necessary design research. The design proposal is usually supported with mood boards and precedent studies, selling the idea and its viability to the client.

Upon approval of concept, I then develop the design in more technical detail, confirm budgets, specifications and programs. For architectural projects, I usually have to prepare documentation for the local authority submission and facilitate planning approval. For interior design projects, not so much.

I would furthermore coordinate technical documentation with consultants and proceed to procure offers for the execution of the works. Finally, I am actively involved on site on a regular basis by inspecting the works for conformity to the contract documentation.

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