Lazari, New and Improved

The owner’s interior design brief for the renovation of Lazari was clear from the get go. They wanted a warm and inviting space, lighter and brighter than before. A space that was relaxed and comfortable, encouraging customers to linger longer. The client also added some new and exciting Mediterranean dishes to the menu which had to tie in with the new look. This was easily accomplished through the use of all the different finishes, colours and design features.

I drew my inspiration from the Mediterranean, introducing warm blues as the accent colour, offset against calm, relaxing, earthy tones. The space could almost be compared to a ” big fat Greek wedding”. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The new concrete floors were the main point of departure, replacing the previous black slate tiles.

A wall, previously clad in a bright repeat retro design wallpaper, remained a focal point in the space. I chose as a replacement, an abstract, out of focus landscape image off Shutterstock and had it printed as wallpaper. The idea behind the wallpaper is to transform you to another place, another time even. It could be Positano, it could be Santorini. Wherever you want really. Allowing yourself to reminisce about a previous holiday abroad or to fantasize about your next Mediteranean getaway.

Bombay Bicycle Club BBC

The Bombay Bicycle Club (BBC)

Welcome to The new and improved Bombay Bicycle Club (BBC). This famous landmark on one of Cape Town’s busiest intersections just got a new lease on life. Known for being a bit wacky and ‘over the top’ venue the new interior is in keeping with this design approach, inspired by chaotic, colourful Bombay and bicycles in general. All shapes and sizes. It pays homage to owning a bicycle, riding one and aspiring to own one. The spaces celebrate happiness, humor and finding one’s balance in life and society. Non trendy paint colours and a busy mix of fabrics deliberately clash but in a fun and quirky way. If you wish to join the club, you are invited, basically.






Terazza Martinin Villa 47 Onnah Design Interior Hanno de Swart

Terazza Martini

Restaurant/ Hospitality Interior

Onnah Design was appointed to revamp and re-brand the courtyard space at Villa 47 in Bree Street Cape Town. The space at the back of the main restaurant, previously sponsored/ branded by Absolute Vodka, is now called Terrazza Martini, branded by Martini.

The project interior look and feel, including signage, were executed in line with the prescribed brand identity, with red as the main accent colour. The brief was to create an authentic, stylish yet relaxed space, Italian style. Furniture and fittings were sourced from a wide selection of local suppliers and manufacturers, to create a unique, fresh and layered look and the project were executed in a record period of three weeks total.

La Roche Guest House Refurbishment Onnah Design

La Roche Guest House Refurbishment

The main lounge was converted into a new breakfast room and the breakfast room in turn, converted into a new self contained guest room. The new guest room is a perfect example of how to best manipulate small spaces. Every inch in the new guest room has been utilised yet the space still feels very comfortable and spacious. Neutral soft greys defines the main shell internally with warm earthy tones as accents. A perimeter bulkhead with concealed led strip lights, a curtain recess with floor to ceiling curtains and strategically placed down lighters defines the new breakfast room. The main wall is celebrated with local African basketry and a German antique drinks cabinet as the focal point.